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What Are Your True Costs?

Do you really know what your actual technology costs are today?

Do you still use informal IT solutions like, "Ask Fred over in accounting to look at that", or
"Ask my secretary's son, Danny, if he knows how to design web pages.". If you are, information technology is costing your business much more than you think at first glance.

First, you are using people who are not professionals in the field of Information Technology. Secondly, you are taking people away from their normal assigned duties to attempt solutions for your technology woes - and you are spending much more time and money than you need.

These are some of the hidden problems that are costing your company much more over time.

  • Outdated technology investments
  • Solutions that are not appropriate
  • Problems that continue to reappear
  • Security vulnerabilities opened unknowingly

Our mission is to reduce your costs to deploy, manage, and maintain your computer assets
and services. We will provide sustainable, long-term, industry-accepted solutions. By effectively streamlining your technology procurement, deployment, management, and maintenance
processes, we will help your company obtain faster, higher quality, more effective, on-site
service at significant cost savings.

Our services will save you money because we have experience with providing IT services and utilize best practices. We have primary certifications such as MCSE, CCNA, and CompTIA A+.

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