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Our resource pages provide the latest facts about virus outbreaks, vulnerabilities, patches, special tools, and other resources.

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Is Your Business Protected?

Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services provides affordable and high-quality support and technical services based on industry "best practices" to create a managed environment of "safe computing" for  Business and  Homes in the greater Sacramento region.

Our goal is to help you avoid catastrophic and major problems, such as:

Lost or Damaged DATA
All systems will fail at some point in time and your important data can be lost in a horrifying moment. Maybe you just accidentally deleted something by mistake. or maybe a malicious employee has caused damage to your data.

Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services
is very experienced in repairing your systems and recovering your important systems and data from catastrophic, malicious, or other incidents.

All computers connected to the internet today must run a current version of one the antivirus products and keep it updated daily. These products protect your machine by looking for virus "signatures"; small pieces of code or applications that get installed and run on your machine to make it do something you did not intend.

Some viruses just present a nuisance, but some can be very malicious and destructive rendering your system or your data inaccessible.

Once a virus has infected a machine, it can be very difficult to remove and be assured that the machines has no residual problems. It is always much better to prevent infections by being protected and careful where you visit on the web that it is to clean up afterwards.

Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services is very experienced with how to prevent a virus attack on your machine and repairing your machine after it experiences an attack. Call us for any problems with a virus that you cannot repair.

Infected Machines
If you're experiencing these kinds of problems, it's a good idea to treat your PC as if it might be infected. Although there are other reasons why your system might slow down or frequently crash, if you're noticing these obvious indications of malware, your system has probably been compromised. It's time to take defensive action before additional damage can occur. There are a number of new software titles and resources designed to protect against these attacks.

Unfortunately, many people already have an infected PC and installing software on an infected machine does not help.

What can you do if your computer is affected by Spyware or a virus or other malware? First let me assure you that you aren't alone in this. We have excellent resources available to help dig you out of the mess that Spyware and malware creates. There are a number of recovery options that help get your PC back to working the way it's supposed to. And, hopefully, you can avoid "The Last Resort"—rebuilding your PC from scratch.

Catastrophic Failure
All mechanical systems will fail at some point in time. We are very experienced in repairing your systems and recovering your important data from catastrophic, malicious, or other causes. Systems fail due to any number of causes such a damaged Power Supply, a bad Motherboard capacitor, a crashed Hard Disk Drive, or a corrupted Operating System.

Technology problems caused by spyware, malware, (malware is short for malicious software.) and other intrusive programs are on the rise. These programs are designed to run undetected in the background and designed to be extremely difficult to remove from your system by most normal means.

How can you tell if you have undesirable software on your system? Signs to look for are:

  • Advertising pop-ups that appear every few seconds.
  • Extra toolbars in your browser that won't go away.
  • Browser going to sites you didn't tell it to go to.
  • Browser settings changing so your home page won't open.
  • Unexplained system slowdowns.
  • Sudden rise in computer crashes.

You can usually avoid spyware and malware by not downloading programs from the Internet. Some programs can install themselves without your permission just by visiting a certain Website, so you must be very careful where you browse. Adult content Websites are major offenders in this area.

Internet game sites for children have also become major centers for distributing spyware and other forms of malware. Children's Websites have become favorite target for this type of activity, because children do not recognize the dangers of internet browsing.

Contact us today for a quote on recovering your system and important DATA.

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