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Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services uses special software and online tools to adjust your website content, graphics, and design, so that you can attract many more customers from your targeted customer base, when they search the internet for products and services.

What is our Integrated Approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Our integrated approach to SEO starts with a complete site quality assessment, especially site quality - which is a crucial element to effective promotion campaigns and traffic analysis.

We repair all errors and breaches that could potentially damage site visibility, then we look for usability flaws such as missing or incorrectly displayed images, broken links (these can frustrate not only spiders but human visitors also), missing JavaScript includes or CSS styles. The result of these types of usability problems is the site will not display or function correctly. Read More

Achieving a Higher ROI %
Your website is an important investment for your company! We can greatly increase your online Return On Investment (ROI) Percentage by solving this most challenging online problem for you. We are able to systematically develop and maintain the highest ranking possible for your Website in these 4 primary search engines:

Google (56%)       Yahoo (21%)     MSN (14%)     AOL (7%)

Improving Your SE Ranking
Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services can improve your ranking in most crawler-based search engines by optimizing your  Website during a new design, a web make-over, or at any time.

At Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services, we utilize a number of tools, reports, and time-proven techniques that avoid banning by the Search Engine companies, and yield excellent search engine ranking results over time.

The SEO Process
At Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services, our process begins with developing keyword-targeted information pages and integrating these into your Website. We will suggest strategies for external link building and implement these strategies to increase the number of your inbound links from other sites. These and the steps below will result in higher rankings and more traffic for your Website.

  • Use specialized software to measure and monitor your current site visibility; determine and assess your website competition; align strategies with your goals and objectives.
  • Perform Keyword research and selection. Integrate keyword-targeted information
    strategically throughout your website and navigation-structure.
  • Configure Meta Tag, Page Title, and HTML optimization robots.txt file.
  • Perform and maintain the appropriate directory and search engine submissions and develop reporting schemes to monitor site ranking improvements over time.
  • Determine non-competitive sites who might want to develop cross-site linking to raise the number of new inbound links to improve your link popularity (page rank).

Let Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services develop an effective and high-ROI search engine strategy for your business or organization today!

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