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If your question is not answered in our FAQ's below, please contact us.

What are the primary goals of Call4GEEKS! Services?
To provide complete and affordable IT support to businesses, Small-Medium Enterprise (SME), and other organizations. Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services strives to provide cost-effective technology support to local businesses in need of computer services. We will work hard to help develop your technology assets and to provide easy access to effective, high-quality, and inexpensive IT solutions.

What is unique about Call4GEEKS! Services?
At Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services we provide on-site and remote IT services that are most affordable for small and midsize business and organizations in the Sacramento area. Our expertise will enable your business to better plan, develop, extend, improve, and integrate all your technology assets. We provide personalized training that will positively increase your staff creativity and productivity.

Why is technology costing me so much? Learn More
Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services works hard to reduce business costs to deploy, manage, and maintain your computer assets and services. We will provide sustainable, long-term, industry-accepted solutions. By effectively streamlining your technology procurement, deployment, management, and maintenance processes, we will help your company obtain faster, higher quality, more effective, on-site service at significant cost savings.

What are Call4GEEKS! Services fees?
Subscription-based services:
Companies dependant on their technology services can save additional money by choosing a subscription maintenance plan that fits their current budget and technology requirements. We recommend establishing a subscription contract to provide a minimum level of IT service, based on a semi-monthly, monthly, or bi-monthly recurring schedule. Regular maintenance and other services, such as planned upgrades are provided through your service subscription. Each plan provides a set number of "open service" hours, which roll over and accumulate, if not used.

These "open service" hours can roll-over and accumulate for catastrophic recovery or special projects. Subscription-based service requests are given our highest priority and they will be resolved before fee-based service requests. For details on a subscription contract or quote for service, please Contact us .

Project and Event-based services:
Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services also provides hourly services based on a fee estimate adjusted to actual hours billed. These charges are based on an hourly rate plus the cost of parts. A fee estimate will be provided when your service request is scheduled. Services are scheduled based on location, skill-level, certifications, and availability. Once we have physically diagnosed your problem, the fee estimate may change. All changes must be approved by the customer in writing before additional work can be performed. For examples of our general fees, please compare our Fee Schedule.

What is your policy on customer satisfaction?
Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services backs up our quality work with a "100% client satisfaction" guarantee.  Ultimately, we depend upon satisfied clients to promote the value of our services. We believe that everyone will prosper together as we each apply the principles of Honesty and Fairness towards one another.

What kinds of repairs/support do you provide?
Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services provides broad technical support for everything you will use in a business environment from email and file servers, to desktops, laptops, printers, wired and wireless networks, routers, and more. We perform all types of work for home and residential users as well, including system installation, configuration, upgrades, and all types of repairs. We provide specialized systems and data recovery services.

Are there charges for travel time?
Many companies charge for travel time; in most cases, we do not. The Sacramento region is our local area of coverage and clients are not charged for travel time. For areas outside the Sacramento region, travel charges may apply and will be discussed when a service request is scheduled.

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