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Scanning & Document Conversion

Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services can lower your operating costs and realize tremendous savings in a conversion of your paper documents into digital formats. In addition to dollar savings, benefits are preservation, archival storage, and online distribution.

Document Scanning
Call4GEEKS! Sacramento Website Design & IT Services can help you to set up a system for scanning a wide variety of documents in both black & white and color.

PDF Document Conversion
We can set up a digital system to transform business forms and paper documents into interactive PDF format for access on the web and for safe digital storage.

OCR / Data Capture
We provide indexing services using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for full-text retrieval. Once captured, the data can be groomed for import into mainstream workflows.

  • Annotations
    Graphics or text which is added to an image page that was not part of the original image
  • Cropping
    To trim the edges of an image, often to improve the composition
  • Watermarks
    Bits altered within an image to create a pattern which indicates proof of ownership. Unauthorized use of a watermarked image can then be traced.
  • Black Border Removal
    Can be used to remove black edges that sometimes appear around the image during scanning or photocopying.
  • De-skewing
    Removing the slant of an image that prevents it from being perfectly squared on the page or screen
  • Noise Removal
    Noise can be picked up from carbon or dirt particles found in scanners, fax machines, or copiers. This process removes them from the document.
  • De-speckle
    Removing isolated speckles from an image file. Speckles often develop when a document is scanned.

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